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Shopping with Dragons - Episode 96

July 11, 2017

News Chat

  • Midsummer Fire Festival is going on! If you haven’t logged in, you have more reason to grind out your quests than ever before. Double gold on all quests. No strings. How great is that! And it’ll last one more week, I believe.
    • Also if you played last week’s brawl, you have some fun fireworks for your Wow emote and a Midsummer Fire Festival greeting!
    • Fun to see them do things like this.
  • Knights of the Frozen Throne!!! - New expansion has been announced and is, as predicted, all about the Lich King and his cronies with a twist: What if everyone was dead??
    • Deathstalker Rexxar (6 mana) - Adds 5 armor to your hero, Battlecry: Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions

      • You will discover twice from 3 random beasts. Your two choices will be combined - mana cost, attack, health, and effects - and be added as 1 horrific additional minion to your hand
      • Dream scenarios??
        • Bittertide Hydra + Stranglethorn Tiger
        • Charged Devilsaur (or King Krush) + Angry Chicken
        • Jungle Panther + Dispatch Kodo
      • New hero power: Build-a-Beast - 2 mana - Craft a custom Zombeast
    • They did confirm that alternate heroes will still transform into whomever the card is for (ie. Alleria will be Deathstalker Rexxar, not her own Death Knight version) :’(
    • Spirit Lash: common Priest spell. 2 mana, Lifesteal, Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions
    • Chillblade Champion: common Paladin minion. 4 mana, 3 attack, 2 health, Charge, Lifesteal
    • The premise is around everyone becoming a death knight, so with that, there’s a new card type: Hero cards! Similar to Quests, this is another legendary for each class that will come with the next expansion. And they function similarly to Lord Jaraxxus when he’s played. They will replace your hero portrait, hero power, and do some other helpful things.
    • New mechanic: Lifesteal! We’ve seen this before in cards like Mistress of Pain and Wickerflame Burnbristle, but now it will be just a single word on the card. Whatever amount of damage is done is also restored to your hero.
  • Also, MISSIONS! You’ll fight your way to the top of Icecrown Citadel against many bosses you remember from that part of WoW. Best part is that these missions are completely free to everyone!
    • There are 3 wings, followed by a fight against the Lich King
    • You’ll earn 1 pack for each wing completed
    • There will also be a prologue mission that rewards you a legendary card (some report it will be a random hero card!)
  • Preorder is available now: $49.99 in US for 50 packs and a icy cardback
  • Andrew noticed… 4 mana 5/1 Warlock minion.. Aaaaand Shark Bear.



Deck battle!


What are Deck Battles?

  • We do these Deck battle episodes once a month.
  • Guest hosts bring on their favorite deck onto the show, and break it down for you.
    • What cards, how it works, and why they like playing it.
  • Best of 3 battle against me, live on the show.
  • Twist: I always use the current Reigning Champion Deck of the show
    • The last deck a guest host brought onto this show and won with.


The Happy Hearthstone Hall of Fame!

  • Decks that have beaten 3 challengers in a row!
  • Dan Patriss' Beastmaster Hunter Deck (Mar 2014)
  • My Very Own Warlock Demon Zoo Deck (Mar 2016)
  • Craig's Dragon Priest (Sep 2016)


Defending Champion Deck

  • Ben’s Super Heavy Naga Druid
  • Episode 89
  • Copy this code to build the deck in Hearthstone: AAEBAZICCiT2AqIJhRDoFewVlBeprQLPsQLguwIKQF/EBuQI6xHeFr6uAsu8Aqm9At7EAgA=


Full Guide

1x Smuggler's Run - A nice turn one buff or a nice way to round out your mana on a later turn.

1x Dirty Rat - A tech card that helps with quest rogue or exodia mage. Also a strong early game taunt against aggro decks.

1x Equality - A combo card to clear the board with your Primordial Drake.

2x Faerie Dragon - A dragon activator for Historian or Book Wyrm. A strong early game card against mage or rogue.

2x Grimestreet Outfitter - This card also helps you round out your mana on later turns and give those minions in your hand a quick buff before playing them.

2x Hydrologist - Discovering a paladin secret can do wonders for you in the late game. Picking a getaway kodo will allow you to bounce all those value cards back and use them again.

2x Netherspite Historian - Discover a dragon. Use this to pick up those end game minions and seal the game.

2x Aldor Peacekeeper - All around a great card for Paladin. Can combo with Book Wyrm on turn 9 for instant removal and board development.

2x Stonehill Defender - You always need 2 of these the taunt minions in Paladin are just too strong. Having 2 or 3 Tirion Fordring’s will almost always win you the game.

1x Wickerflame Burnbristle - Works great with the buff mechanic as he will heal more the more damage he deals. Also a strong card to absorb removal early so late game cards will stick longer.

2x Truesilver Champion - Best Paladin weapon hands down. Use this to gain back tempo and clear some of those midgame minions.

1x Twilight Drake - A 4 mana slot dragon. Not 100% needed in the deck but with the lack of 4 mana cards an extra dragon is nice to have.

2x Grimestreet Enforcer - Another buff card as well as a great tool to absorb more removal because if he stays on the board the opponent is going to regret it.

2x Book Wyrm - Great for dealing with taunt warriors since most of their minions have low attack. As well as a combo card with Aldor.

2x Ivory Knight - Your sustain. This card will not only heal you but give you some options of paladin spells that you are missing in this deck.

1x The Black Knight - A tech card that I love to have but can easily be swapped out for something else depending on what you are running into on ladder. Ex. Harrison Jones or Hungry Crab

1x Lay on Hands - Late game card draw and a nice heal. Can be swapped out if but I find the healing very good to have in a pinch.

2x Primordial Drake - Your only AoE as well as another activator for your dragon cards.

1x Tirion Fordring - Because it’s Tirion fricken Fordring!


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

The Challenger's Deck

The Theme


  • Shopping with Dragons


How It Wins

  • Getting a ton of value off discover cards and buffing minions to force trades with strong taunts.


The Key Cards

  • Stonehill Defender, Netherspite Historian, Murloc Hydrologist


The Duel


  • Reminder of the defending deck
  • Trash talk


  • Best of 3 series
    • Watch on
  • We'll be right back.


The Aftermath

  • Who won
  • How close was it?
  • What were important moments?
    • Deathwing in the first game
    • Ragnaros in the second game
  • What went wrong/right for the challenger deck?
  • Was this a good representation of the challenger deck's strengths?
  • Congratulate the winner



No questions :’(


iTunes Review

5 stars from Odium_Infinitus
The best Hearthstone podcast
I started listening to this podcast during the Hearthstone Beta. Josh was so nice to listen to. He was friendly and positive about having fun with the game. I took a break from Hearthstone but when I came back the first thing I did was download this podcast. While not as hardcore as other Hearthstone podcasts this one is my favorite. The guests are great and Andrew has done a wonderful job in taking over from Josh.

Card of the Week

Wickerflame Burnbristle

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