Beta Impressions - Episode 18

August 30, 2013


  • Dan and Derrick are on the show this week
  • Topic: Beta
  • Reasons to be happy this week: Teeth, goo, beta

Beta Key contest

  • The current batch of keys are all in the hands of listeners
  • We’ll have new keys next week to give away
  • Reading of some of the best letters submitted

Have you spent money yet?

  • How reimbursement works for beta purchases
  • Derrick: None spent yet
  • Dan: $50 bundle, only opened some
  • Josh: Bought his $50 40-pack bundle Friday morning. You can watch it here: will open all of them on a livestream soon!

Coolest card you’ve actually used in-game so far

Is a meta emerging already?

  • Draw and Taunt too good?
  • Counter: don’t undervalue minions

Thoughts on Matchmaking

  • Decided by player skill/level or deck skill/level?
  • Anecdotal experience so far
  • How balanced has it been for you in PvP + Arena?

What’s your record like?

  • Josh: Probably losing more than I’m winning by a small margin. I was probably around a 70% win rate the first week. This past week has been closer to 30% in PvP. EVERYone seems to have tons of cards, and I’m still using the starter decks. Big disadvantage.
  • Dan: I think now about back to .500 Started 5-1 then got destroyed, 1st arena (mage) was 0-3! new one (Shammy 1-0 so far)
  • Derrick: Losing a lot. More than half which makes me angry – but perhaps the competition is good? Or … 🙂

Highest one-turn damage possibility:

  • Josh: Shaman deck, the most powerful Windfury minions all on the board, double Bloodlust, swing out
  • Derrick: Single cards w/ massive AoE potential like Flamestrike. Or ones that make me hate Priests like Holy Nova. But also just filling the board, throwing out some sort of buff (there are many) and swinging for 15.
  • Dan: I had a Warrior blast me for 16 or so in one turn. Tons of minions


  • Congratulation to Nate, the winner of the first-ever Happy Hearthstone duel
  • Nathan beats a mage with 2 sheep. Amen!
  • We want to arrange a full tournament soon. Ideas on how to manage it are welcome!
  • iTunes Review: Alan91330

Card of the Week:

Song by Joe Henshaw
Hearthstone Twilight Drake


Beta Impressions - Episode 18

August 17, 2013


  • Chris and Derrick are on the show this week
  • Topic: OMG BETA
  • Reasons to be happy this week: ONLY BETA

What class did you play besides Mage?

  • Josh: Rogue, Priest — Rogue removal was very handy, Priest heals + card draw vs Chris was great
  • Derrick: Using Mage, I unlocked Priest, then using Priest I unlocked Warlock (a little tough, he likes board wipes)
  • Chris: Warlock

Have you spent money yet?

  • How reimbursement works for beta purchases
  • Josh: I’m buying the $50 pack and will open all of them on a livestream soon!
  • Derrick: None spent yet
  • Chris: Nope, and not sure that I will. Seems like I enjoy the game as is, so I wouldn’t mind spending the time to try for the super rare drops.

Biggest Surprise?

  • Josh: Voiceovers and the full infrastructure built to add an awesome campaign mode in the future
  • Sheep > Raptors
  • Warhammer 40k?
  • Derrick: Each hero deck “levels up” as you play it, so you’re gaining XP, and at various thresholds you unlock new cards. It always tells you (tooltip) what card is coming next.
  • Chris: How smooth everything was. This feels very launch-ready, based on my limited playtime. I can’t wait for them to polish it even more!

Best card you’ve actually used in-game so far

  • Josh: Assassinate. It’s not always efficient, but the starter decks are limited environments, due to the small card pools, and being able to remove the one big bomb their deck has is super valuable.
  • Derrick: Northshire Cleric. And Fireball is just amazing for Mages. I also enjoyed Nightblade, which has a nice Battlecry effect that gets around Taunt minions.
  • Chris: War Golem. BOOM! Makes the entire board rock when it attacks.

Describe a cool trick you saw/played

  • Josh: Northshire Cleric x2 + Taunt minions every turn + Power Word: Shield + Priest heal hero ability = 3 cards per turn
  • Derrick: This game is all about combat. Profitable attacking into minions, and using a taunt dude that can [barely] survive an exchange, to maximize its attack on their turn!
  • Chris: Saving up my minions, and attacking all at once. Josh–I mean, your opponent–will never see it coming!