What are eSports? - Episode 38

October 30, 2014


How do Hearthstone Esports work?

  • How many pros?
  • How are they making money?
  • Tournament formats
  • Global history of the scene

Hearthstone World Championships at BlizzCon

Why Watch Hearthstone Esports?

  • Learn from watching the pros
  • Entertainment!
  • More Hearthstone
  • Tournaments are so fun
  • Also try lesser known streamers like Ek0p or Chakki

Hearthstone Esports Winners

Pro #1: Strifeco

Pro #2: Kolento

Pro #3: RDU

Pro #4: Savjz

Hearthstone Esports Stream

Other Players to Watch


  • What shoutcasters do and why they matter
  • Artosis
  • Gnimsh
  • Frodan
  • Realz

Hearthstone Esports Community Resources


  • iTunes Reviews

Card of the Week

Hearthstone Duplicate


  • Follow Eleanor on Twitter
  • What you want to see in future episodes
  • What hosts you want to visit the show