Blackrock Mountain Review (Class) - Episode 48

May 21, 2015


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The Review Scale

What we’re reviewing:

  • Arena Score = The value of this card while drafting in Arena.
  • Constructed = The value of this card when crafting the type of constructed deck that most wants this card.

How the score works:

Druid Cards

Druid of the Flame

  • Josh says: I wouldn’t run either of these minions in my druid deck (a 5/2 for 3 or a 2/5 for 3). I guess it gets a slight bonus for flexibility, but flexibility between 2 bad options isn’t very enticing.
  • Scott says:Both forms are beasts, so they enable Druid of the Fang. Both forms are suboptimal stat configurations, but at least you get a choice. And 5/2 isn’t so bad if you have taunt, which Druid has the most of.
  • Arena Score: 3
  • Constructed Score: 3

Volcanic Lumberer

  • Scott says:Compares favorably to Ironbark Protector. Would work well with AoE or possibly Force of Nature. In a combo, could make Poison Seeds not the worst card in the game anymore.
  • Josh says: You can now run 4 copies of Ironbark Protector. Druid already owned the title for best late-game minions. Now there’s absolutely no questioning.
  • Arena Score: 4
  • Constructed Score: 4

Hunter Cards

Quick Shot

  • Josh says: Nice and solid. 3 damage to any source for 2 mana will always be viable.
  • Scott says:Identical to Darkbomb, but a bit better. I like it much better than Arcane Shot, as it packs a bigger punch, is still super cheap, and has potential upside. Very rarely triggers its ability, even if you build for it..
  • Arena Score: 3
  • Constructed Score: 3

Core Rager

  • Scott says: I’ve found it doesn’t fire very often at all. I just don’t really want a card that only delivers vanilla-or-better value 10-20% of the time.
  • Josh says: Yeah, I had hoped this would fire a lot more than it does in practice. The text might as well not exist from my experience — it often encourages you to overextend and make bad plays just to proc it, negating any benefit you got from the effect.
  • Arena Score: 2
  • Constructed Score: 2

Mage Cards

Flame Walker

  • Josh says: Exactly the minion stats that a mage control deck wants on turn 3. Mage will be proccing this effect constantly if the enemy doesn’t remove it quickly. Coin + Arcane Missile combo will be great fun (Mana Wyrm 2.0)
  • Scott says:Two-thirds of a free Arcane Missiles just for casting another spell? Yes please! Breaks even after one activation, and has a really good stat configuration for what it does. We’ll be seeing a lot of this guy.
  • Arena Score: 4
  • Constructed Score: 5

Dragon’s Breath

  • Scott says:As if Mages needed more direct damage, or Flamestrike needed to get better through a new combo… Very cost-inefficient in its base form, but is already better than Shadow Bolt if 2 minions died that turn.
  • Josh says: I’m not a fan at all. I’d almost always rather have Frostbolt (2 mana for 3 damage and freeze) or Flamecannon (2 mana for 4 damage to random enemy minion). This card asks way too much.
  • Arena Score: 2
  • Constructed Score: 2

Hearthstone BRM Chromaggus

Paladin Cards

Dragon Consort

  • Josh says: Hunter owned the Deathrattle deck, Paladins will own the Dragon deck — and this card is a part of that reason. This card has value that is absolutely OFF THE CHARTS in a dragon deck. At worst, it’s a 5/5 for 3 mana, but it’s so much more than that. It means getting Nefarian, Chromaggus, or Alexstrasza on the very next turn (6) (with coin). That’s crazy tempo that also leaves a bigger lightning rod than the 5/5 on the table.
  • Scott says:Note that the Dragon doesn’t have to be played that turn. You sacrifice half of one mana in the short-term for potentially big long-term gain.
  • Arena Score: 2
  • Constructed Score: 5

Solemn Vigil

  • Scott says:Yes please! Great when trading, or when killing things off with AoE. Need to have 2 minions to die on your turn to achieve parity with Arcane Intellect.
  • Josh says: That’s just one trade for parity, and with Paladin’s Equality + Consecrate cards in every deck, it’s likely to get more. My only caveat is that if I’m looking for card advantage, I’m not sure I want this over Blessing of Wisdom or Hammer of Wrath.
  • Arena Score: 3
  • Constructed Score: 3

Priest Cards

Twilight Whelp

  • Josh says: I don’t like Dragon Priest very much at all, so I’m already a bit down on this card. I think I’d almost always be happier dropping Northshire Cleric or Lightwarden on turn 1 — at least those are lightning rods for enemy removal.
  • Scott says:Compares to Zombie Chow. Minor impact card, and not horribly reliable. Doesn’t play nice with Resurrect. I don’t see myself playing this.
  • Arena Score: 1
  • Constructed Score: 1


  • Scott says:Will tend to favor cheap minions. The later you cast it, the better. If average minion cost is well above 2, becomes somewhat cost-efficient. Should probably always toss it back on mulligan. Loves Injured Blademaster.
  • Josh says: This one is intriguing, and one of those cards that I value higher for it’s fun value. In the right late-game control deck, this card is guaranteed value. Even if you use it after the first minion dies on turn 3, it can still pay out. This won’t always boom, but it will almost never flop. (note: Friendly minions only)
  • Arena Score: 3
  • Constructed Score: 4

Rogue Cards

Gang Up

  • Josh says: You taught me the FUN of this card, Scott. But I’m still not really afraid of it. Feels like a waste of mana most games — it’s so hard to get a feeling for its tangible benefit in matches.
  • Scott says: Would you cast a spell that said: “(2) — Do nothing, except rebuild your deck a little”? Because that’s what this does under normal circumstances. Only wants to be in very specific decks, like Mill Rogue
  • Arena Score: 0
  • Constructed Score: 2

Dark Iron Skulker

  • Scott says: Oprah says: “Free Backstabs for everyone!” Unfortunately, the effect adds 2 mana to the casting cost, so you want to get at least one activation from it. Great against aggro decks.
  • Josh says: Yeah, I think this guy is there purely to give you more answers to aggro and he is amazing at that. Even chopping down on Raptor makes him worth it (he feels a bit like the Stampeding Kodo, with way more upside). In the right scenarios, it’s a Consecrate with a body attached!
  • Arena Score: 4
  • Constructed Score: 4

Shaman Cards

Lava Shock

  • Josh says: I’m still so hooked on Mech Shaman that I haven’t built an Overload deck to try this one yet. It feels like it’s a bit out of the meta right now, but it’s a step in the right direction for Overload decks.
  • Scott says:This combines with Unbound Elemental to make Overload decks more of a thing. Particularly inefficient if it doesn’t unlock some overload
  • Arena Score: 2
  • Constructed Score: 3

Fireguard Destroyer

  • Scott says:Hoo boy. Yes. I’ll take it. It averages out to a 5.5 / 6 that’s castable on turn 4. Plays well in an overload synergy deck.
  • Josh says: I want 10 of these in my deck.
  • Arena Score: 5
  • Constructed Score: 4

Hearthstone BRM Demons

Warlock Cards


  • Josh says: This card brought my Demon Warlock deck back to the top of my playlist. Makes sure aggro is a non-issue for Demonlock decks, and is tremendous value for a class that simply doesn’t get no-downside AoE removal. Bonus synergy with Nerubian Egg (which demonlock loves to play)
  • Scott says:If you’re not playing a demon-heavy deck, don’t bother. Compares to Hellfire or Consecrate. Good to use with Nerubian Egg!.
  • Arena Score: 2
  • Constructed Score: 4

Imp Gang Boss

  • Scott says:Very similar to (but probably a bit better than) Imp Master, with this having demon synergy and 1 extra attack.
  • Josh says: Must-have in demonlock decks, and still great stats anywhere else. Warlocks get plenty of opportunity to ping this for damage, and I usually get 2 imps out of it (4/6 total stats for 3 mana)
  • Arena Score: 4
  • Constructed Score: 4

Warrior Cards


  • Josh says: I don’t really get this card. Above 12 health, it’s an overcosted Whirlwind. Below 13 health, it’s a cheap Hellfire. I just can’t find a Warrior deck that wants either of those.
  • Scott says:I like having more Whirlwind effects in Warrior. Problem is, this costs more and I’m not really interested in its 3-damage clause as it will kill most things w/ Enrage or on-damage triggers. So I think I like this less than Whirlwind, and Whirlwind was already worse than the other cards with that effect. I doubt I’ll ever play this.
  • Arena Score: 1
  • Constructed Score: 1

Axe Flinger

  • Scott says:Now we’re talking! Seems outstanding in an Enrage/Whirlwind-style deck, especially w/ Rampage. Doesn’t help you do any one specific thing well (control or punching face), but the sum total of both things is great value.
  • Josh says: This is the card Enrage Warrior decks want. I completely agree: it’s a great mix of fun and strength.
  • Arena Score: 2
  • Constructed Score: 3


  • Josh: How have your opinions changed on the Neutral cards since last episode?
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