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Gain Stealth for One Episode - Episode 108

January 23rd, 2018 · Comments


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News Chat

  • The Hearthstone World Championship have just closed up! And tom60229 is the winner!

    • Frozen won the first two rounds, then tom ended up sweeping the rest. Jade Druid mirror decided it, which seems fitting knowing the year that we’re in and that jades are about to rotate out.
  • Tweet from Ben Brode: ”Been reading discussions about balance; we have an update coming next month which includes some cool events, and that is when any balance changes would happen. We'll be sure to announce any changes as the patch gets closer. See you at the HCT World Championship next week!”


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Main Topic - Rogue!


  • Unique features of the Rogue class


“One of the things we’ve talked about with Rogues is they have more class identity than most of the other classes. They don’t have good AoE, they don’t have good healing or taunt, and that made them very unique...and I really like that. And instead of making them powerful by giving them AoE or heal or taunt, we said let’s just make them super good at what they do: combo is something they do, destroying minions, single minions is something they do. Let’s make them by far the best at that. And this [points to Vilespine Slayer] is a really good example of that.” - Mike Donais

      • Class mechanics: Combo, Stealth, Secrets, Deathrattle(?), card draw, weapon buffs, cantrips
      • On a scale of speed that proceeds Aggro - Tempo - Midrange/Combo - Control/Combo - Fatigue, Rogue sits centered on Tempo with decks on either side of that.
      • Rogue does “weird” well


  • Major Standard deck archetypes


Tempo (T1)

12/16 of the HCT World Championship contenders are bringing Tempo Rogue. Only Fr0zen, Sintolol, Hoej, and OmegaZero took something else instead.

Miracle (not competitive, mid T4)

Kingsbane (not competitive, bottom of T4)


  • Other deck archetypes










  • Explanation of three major categories


      • Tempo
      • Miracle
      • Combo


  • Tempo


      • It is always with us: Omnislash question I asked Kibler, Firebat, and Frodan
      • Generally comes in later in the expansion life because (paraphrasing):
        • Firebat: Miracle is more fun, but doesn’t work as well as Tempo, so Tempo comes in later to beat the meta. Tempo Rogue takes all the best minions (Keleseth, Creeper, Scalebane, Bonemare) and the Rogue toolkit that binds it all together.
        • Frodan: Rogue is weird, sometimes it takes time to polish the deck to get it to be the meta-breaker it becomes. We as a community are also often too nervous to try new things.
        • Kibler: Rogue has powerful core tools in Classic set that are really good against minion-based decks.
      • Good tempo decks are always the core package (Backstab, SI:7 Agent, often Sap and Eviscerate, Cold Bloods, etc) plus other really good neutral packages such as the pirate package, the murloc package with Finja, the current Bonemare, Creeper, and Scalebane package, etc.
      • “Bad” tempo decks are ones that capitalize on pure Rogue synergy, though they are the most fun. Examples are the Deathrattle, Jade, Elemental, and Quest decks. All of these blend elements of combo into the playstyle as well.


  • Miracle


      • Technically Miracle is sort of a Combo deck
      • The idea of a “swing turn” is important
      • Three main forms historically:
        • Arcane Giants/Questing Adventurer (RIP Conceal in standard)
        • Cold Bloods + Leeroy Jenkins or Southsea Deckhand and Faceless Manipulator
        • Malygos
      • Miracle doesn’t work in this meta. The removal doesn’t line up.


  • Combo


    • Synergistic cards that work well together to make mini-combos or giant OTKs such as the Raptor OTK (
    • Mill decks are in this category, as are the Oil decks. Trying to draw, stall hard, save your hand, then dump it to kill the opponent is the name of this game.
    • Oil Rogue is now more of a tempo deck, but it used to be a combo deck with the old, pre-nerf Blade Flurry (could be seen in this week’s Tavern Brawl).

Top 5 tips when beginning to play Rogue

  1. Don’t feel like you need to spend all of your mana (esp. Miracle, Combo). Even in Tempo Rogue, better to float a mana and save the Flame Elemental to combo later with Vilespine Slayer or Elven Minstrel.
  2. Be thinking two to three turns ahead and always be counting (ABC) your burst in-hand.
  3. Watch for chances to shift the board in your favor, but pay attention to the opponent’s swing turns (Dragonfire Potion on 6 for example). You have to know the opponent decks as well as your own, even more so than other classes.
  4. Use removal judiciously, and don’t be afraid to hit with your face. Health is a resource too.
  5. Don’t use the last charge of your weapon on the opponent’s face unless you are pretty sure you won’t have anything to do but dagger on the next turn. You might need it for Southsea Deckhand or to help remove an important minion next turn.


Top cards in Rogue to craft

Luckily, the best cards in Rogue are rare and common. Must-haves are Eviscerate, SI:7 Agent, and Elven Minstrel, but you are likely to open them in packs. Provided you want to craft epics or legendaries, however, here the main ones worth having:

  1. Edwin (Classic, Legendary)
  2. Preparation (Classic, Epic)
  3. Vilespine Slayer (UNG, Epic)
  4. Fal’dorei Strider (KnC, Epic)
  5. Sherazin, Corpse Flower (UNG, Legendary)


And that is basically it! The other epics and legendaries are fun, but they are not necessary. If you feel you want to craft more legendaries for Rogue to use, then consider crafting the following neutral legendaries, as they see a lot of play in Rogue:

  1. Prince Keleseth (KFT)
  2. Leeroy Jenkins (Classic)
  3. Bloodmage Thalnos (Classic)
  4. The Lich King (KFT)
  5. Prince Valanar (KFT)



RidiculousHat - Why is Rogue the best class?

WickedGood - Shadowstep: The worst or literal worst?

NateWolf - Will Shadowstep hit the Hall of Fame?

Mattatarms - Why is Anub’arak the best legendary that nobody ever played?

James Waddell - Should you run Lich King since it did so well at HCT?

iTunes Review

Sweet Show

by ApexPredador

Great podcast and love every minute of it. Can't wait for weekly episodes.


Card of the Week

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Blade Flurry



As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.

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Turns That Burn - Episode 107

January 9th, 2018 · Comments


Episode 107 of The Happy Hearthstone is brought to you by...

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Main Topic - What’s the most important turn of a game?

  • We’re talking about which turn everything changes depending on the deck you and your opponent are playing.

    • It’s important you know this about your own deck because then you’re actually doing something purposeful with your turns, leading to something
    • It’s important you know this about your opponent’s deck because then you can make sure to foil your opponent’s setup for their win condition.
    • The reason this is interesting to talk about is, at the most basic level, a player would look to play a 1/1 on one, a 2/2 on two and so forth. In other card games, sometimes metas develop to have a specific turn across all decks that drastically increase their chances to win. It’s a more difficult concept to define one specific turn across all decks in HS due to higher levels of RNG, but here are some real swingy turns for some of the strongest decks in Standard right now:
  • Tempo Rogue - turn 7 - Bonemare
    • Playing around it - clear their board, make them scramble to get something on the board
  • Aggro Paladin - turn 4 - Call to Arms
    • Save a board clear, or have a board ready to deal with them
  • Highlander Priest - turns 5, 8, combo turn
    • You can try denying their card draws, but you really have to just win before they can get to all their combo pieces.
  • Dragon Priest - turn 6 - Spiteful Summoner
    • Outvalue them. Hard board clears like Psychic Scream or Twisting Nether are great for when they’ve developed a board 4 or 5 deep
  • Cube Warlock - turn 6 - Cube, Dark Pact
    • Win before they can pull this off, or have inordinate amounts of armor
  • Face Hunter…. Every turn? Probably turn 4 - Houndmaster
    • Pray. Have some taunts or health regain, and don’t be afraid to use spells liberally (Holy Smite for a 1 or 2 mana creature)
  • Warlock Zoo - There’s really no real back-breaking turn, you just have to look to swing things back in your favor with a big turn of your own. Zoo looks to just grind you out.



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Card of the Week

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Grumble, Worldshaker



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