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Reporting The Good Stuff - Episode 110

February 20th, 2018 · Comments


Episode 110 of The Happy Hearthstone is brought to you by...

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Main Topic - Podcasts!


The Angry Chicken – Probably the most well known, professional podcasters

Velen’s Chosen – Lore moments, really good deck explanations

Hero Power – Take a look at things from slightly off-meta perspective, entertaining hosts(also gameplay)

Value Town – Pro Perspectives, card creation segments, used to do listener challenges

Well Met! – Interesting mix of wild and pro opinions

Around the Hearth – Differing opinions, often have guests, shoutout to last weeks episode when they had toast the badger on #badasswomenofhearthstone

Live Gameplay

Walk to work – 3 episodes a week as Blisterguy heads to work in the morning

Hearthcoach – Dan wanting to get better, and him being coached by FRID


Tier 5 – Rod Johnston entertaining/eclectic host, Adam with great analysis

Happy Hearthstone – different guest and topic every time

Blizzlet – straight-up comedy show, great if you want HS-related laughs

Hearthzone – chats between Anthony Shelton and the very knowledgable Mark Brickley

1600 Dust – 20 minute format, very community focused, strong brand

Off-Curve – Steve Lubitz’s thoughts, really well stated


Coin Concede – MO is making competitive side of the game more accessible, very knowledgeable hosts

Golden Wisp – honorable mention, recently departed, still worth going back and listening

Top Deck Kings – Kremepuff takes very specific/important fundamental aspects of the game and breaks them down clearly

Last Turn (just started listening) – description is a technical podcast, latest episode took a look at every deck that’s performing well in the meta, looking forward to listening to this a bit more to get a more accurate opinion

Omnistone – only on youtube, great HS personalities and competitors


Into the Wild – If you like the wild format and long podcasts, new podcast (8 episodes in), almost want to put it in the entertaining slot, craig is a character, nate is very well-spoken and articulate when it comes to


The Innkeeper’s podcast – informative, focused on hosting community events and firesides


The Lightforge – only arena-focused podcast, great technical info about playing arena, often complain about the microadjustments; great segue into the next category:


Salty Dog – MTG references, card creation challenges, segment dedicated to talking about other games

Brewmasters – Chase, Nigel, Darrel, Beer, chat about HS news, a little bit about firesides and tournaments


The Golden Ticket – Newest one, covers the major events happening in HS

The Daring Reporter - 😊



Legend of the Innkeeper – Fun guaranteed! They review the cards by class after they have released, both have an incredible enthusiasm for the game

Hearthcasual – we will see how it goes!



As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.


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The Daring Reporter




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Happiness is Worth It - Episode 109

February 6th, 2018 · Comments


Card of the Week



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