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Reporting The Good Stuff - Episode 110

February 20th, 2018 · Comments


Episode 110 of The Happy Hearthstone is brought to you by...

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Main Topic - Podcasts!


The Angry Chicken – Probably the most well known, professional podcasters

Velen’s Chosen – Lore moments, really good deck explanations

Hero Power – Take a look at things from slightly off-meta perspective, entertaining hosts(also gameplay)

Value Town – Pro Perspectives, card creation segments, used to do listener challenges

Well Met! – Interesting mix of wild and pro opinions

Around the Hearth – Differing opinions, often have guests, shoutout to last weeks episode when they had toast the badger on #badasswomenofhearthstone

Live Gameplay

Walk to work – 3 episodes a week as Blisterguy heads to work in the morning

Hearthcoach – Dan wanting to get better, and him being coached by FRID


Tier 5 – Rod Johnston entertaining/eclectic host, Adam with great analysis

Happy Hearthstone – different guest and topic every time

Blizzlet – straight-up comedy show, great if you want HS-related laughs

Hearthzone – chats between Anthony Shelton and the very knowledgable Mark Brickley

1600 Dust – 20 minute format, very community focused, strong brand

Off-Curve – Steve Lubitz’s thoughts, really well stated


Coin Concede – MO is making competitive side of the game more accessible, very knowledgeable hosts

Golden Wisp – honorable mention, recently departed, still worth going back and listening

Top Deck Kings – Kremepuff takes very specific/important fundamental aspects of the game and breaks them down clearly

Last Turn (just started listening) – description is a technical podcast, latest episode took a look at every deck that’s performing well in the meta, looking forward to listening to this a bit more to get a more accurate opinion

Omnistone – only on youtube, great HS personalities and competitors


Into the Wild – If you like the wild format and long podcasts, new podcast (8 episodes in), almost want to put it in the entertaining slot, craig is a character, nate is very well-spoken and articulate when it comes to


The Innkeeper’s podcast – informative, focused on hosting community events and firesides


The Lightforge – only arena-focused podcast, great technical info about playing arena, often complain about the microadjustments; great segue into the next category:


Salty Dog – MTG references, card creation challenges, segment dedicated to talking about other games

Brewmasters – Chase, Nigel, Darrel, Beer, chat about HS news, a little bit about firesides and tournaments


The Golden Ticket – Newest one, covers the major events happening in HS

The Daring Reporter - 😊



Legend of the Innkeeper – Fun guaranteed! They review the cards by class after they have released, both have an incredible enthusiasm for the game

Hearthcasual – we will see how it goes!



As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.


Guest Plugs

The Daring Reporter




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Happiness is Worth It - Episode 109

February 6th, 2018 · Comments


Card of the Week



Guest Plugs

  • I do a podcast you can find more information about at . Our patreon has a level that if you donate at least $10 a month you get a 1 hour coaching session with your host of choice.
  • You can follow me on twitter
  • It would help me a lot if you followed me on twitch

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I’m Dreaming of a Hacked Denver (Dreamhack Denver Recap, Pt. 2) - Episode 103

November 14th, 2017 · Comments


 Episode 103 of The Happy Hearthstone is brought to you by...

Listeners just like you!

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And by Dropleaf!

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News Chat

  • Kobolds & Catacombs set comes out in December.

    • More reveals on November 20
    • Gather Your Party - Warrior rare spell: 6 cost, Recruit a minion
    • Dragon Soul - Legendary Priest weapon: 0 attack, 3 durability: After you cast 3 spells in a turn, summon a 5/5 Dragon
    • Marin the Fox has been added to everyone's collection
    • Everyone with a Virtual Ticket gets a golden copy as well.
    • 14 new cards have been revealed out of the 135.
    • New keyword: Recruit. Pull a minion out of your deck and into the battlefield.
    • All nine classes will be getting a Legendary weapons. All players get one free at launch.
    • The set is available to preorder at 50 packs for $49.99 in the US and comes with the For the Hoard cardback.7
  • New single-player mode call The Dungeon Run where you'll defeat bosses, collect loot, and earn rewards.
    • Each boss you defeat, you'll earn new cards for that deck’s run. Lose and you'll have to throw your deck away and start over.
    • Brode says it's the most replayable single-player content they've ever released. 48 unique bosses
    • It’s completely free! You don’t even need any cards to play it!


Sponsor Break 

Thanks again to Dropleaf for sponsoring this episode! Go to to check out their free trial and support The Happy Hearthstone in the process!


Main Topic

Dreamhack Denver Survival Guide:

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you ever plan on going to an event like this, especially a Dreamhack, remember to go back and listen to this episode the month before or the week of. I made this mistake with the Hero Power guys breaking down Dreamhack Atlanta.
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. You will not be able to do everything. There’s just no way. So think through, “What are the things I would be really sad to miss out on?”
    • Hearthstone tournament took all of Friday night and Saturday until early afternoon. Side event then took the rest of that night and Sunday morning. Pick your battles
    • Lots of fun to watch the matches live with all the fans and a lot of pros there.
  • Hearthstone Area Tips
  • Check if there’s wifi. Surprisingly, there wasn’t.
  • Watch out for swag and giveaways! They’re sneaky sometimes. Monster is amazing
  • Board games, card games, arcade, VR… Even a BYOC for people who didn’t BYOC
  • Bring snacks… Or full meals.


Is Coaching and playing with other players useful? Does it speed up development?




None this week.


iTunes Review

None this week


The Dust Bowl is Back!

Andrew’s to keep: Golden Grim Necromancer

DM’s to keep: Golden Bearshark

Andrew’s to dust: Blackguard

DM’s to dust: ALL the Scalebanes

Congrats to Navillus for winning this month's Patreon Dust Bowl Giveaway!


Card of the Week


Ice Block



You are The Happy Hearthstone

  • This podcast exists for you and is sustained by you! There are SO many great ways to support what we’re doing, and I want to ask you if this is one of your favorites, or you listen every episode to consider how you can support the show.
  • Go check it out at
  • THANK you to everyone who has joined the Patreon so far!
    • Forrest, Matthew, Avanties, Trey, James, Gainsdalf, Botticus, Navillus, MrJones, and Dust and Divine, thank you so much
  • SPECIAL thanks to our official Producers of the show DrunkenMonk and Jordan!
  • Special gift for everyone who joins this month, so jump in today! :D
  • You can also leave a review on iTunes, which helps us a lot when people are looking for a Hearthstone podcast! Only takes a few minutes, and if you need help with it, just let me know.



As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.

Guest Plugs

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Dream On (Dreamhack Denver Recap, Pt. 1) - Episode 102

October 31st, 2017 · Comments


Episode 102 of The Happy Hearthstone is brought to you by...

Listeners just like you!

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News Chat

  • Hallow’s End has taken over Hearthstone! (More info here)

    • For the 2 weeks of this event, they’ve made arena very different by offering Dual Classes
    • You’ll first choose a hero portrait, then you’ll choose from 3 hero powers from other classes
    • As you’re drafting your deck, you’ll have neutral options as usual, but class cards will be offered from the classes of your portrait and your hero power!
    • Discussion
    • First week is over, but if you login between Oct 31 and Nov 6, you’ll get a free Arena run AND two free Frozen Throne packs.
  • Blizzcon is THIS WEEK, which means that we’ll very soon know what the last expansion for the year is.
    • The four team names are…

      • Grimestreet Grifters - Mean Streets
      • Jungle Giants - Un’Goro
      • Chillblade Crusaders - Frozen Throne
      • Big-Time Buccaneers - ????
    • Blizzcon Virtual Ticket we mentioned last time -- They’ve revealed what the Golden Legendary is -- Marion the Fox. And he’s definitely a pirate
    • They also announced a tournament called The Inn-vitational. Very similar to Oktoberbrawl, where they’re bringing together some big Hearthstone personalities for a lighthearted, fun competition.
    • It looks like pirate/Booty Bay/treasure is what’s coming our way
    • Friday 1:45 PST


Main Topic


Dreamhack Denver Grand Prix Recap:

Let’s first talk about the highlights that don’t involve me:

  • MTGKid - 12 years old - NEVER judge your opponent at any point through the match
  • Ike - Never lost a match. It is possible to play flawlessly and be rewarded for it.
  • All the other pros - It’s possible to get shaken, thrown, or choose poorly. I’m so glad I’m not a pro player.


As for me…. :D

  • The way the Grand Prix goes is that it’s 9 rounds where each round you’re matched up against someone with the same record as you
  • After those 9 rounds, they take the top 16 players, and put them in a single elimination bracket.
  • I ended up going 6 and 3, putting me 1 win away from making it into the top 16. And I’ll talk about these losses later, but I’m really proud of where I got overall.
  • The matches were played Last Hero Standing format, which is different from the typically Conquest format. In LHS, when you lose with a deck, you cannot use that deck any more in that match. It lends itself to making you want to play decks that really snowball and win a lot of different matchups. You brought 4 decks, and in each matchup, your opponent would choose 1 of your classes to ban, usually not knowing the exact decklists that you brought.
  • So I decided to bring 3 decks that are really good (Tempo Rogue, Razakus Priest, and Jade Druid), and a 4th that I know really well which counters Druid (Murloc Paladin). The strategy was to ban Rogue because that deck has a very high winrate against most decks.
  • My 3 losses were to some names that most of you don’t know (I didn’t know them going into the weekend), but they are quite accomplished. My first two matches were to Squid and ESOGlokta -- both qualified for the summer championship of HCT. Crazy. Nicest thing I heard all weekend was Glokta at the end of our 3-2 match saying, “I was really hoping this match was going to be easier than that.” The third loss was to a guy named Insom who was in the top 4 of Dreamhack Montreal. Yeah. Pretty good.
    • But I was crazy encouraged, because none of these were runover matches. I won a game against Squid then got rolled by his Aggro Druid deck (really smart choice). And the games with Glokta and Insom went all the way down to the 5th game. And I know I made some mistakes in each of those matches, so had I been better prepared, I think I could’ve even done better.
    • Definitely was encouraged to hold my own against each of them, and learned a ton from each match. All 3 guys were really nice and eager to talk through the match and help me think through how I could’ve played better.



Squid - HCT Summer Americas Finalist, full time college student (ended DH at 6-3)

He brought Druid, Priest, Rogue, and Warlock

I banned his Rogue, he banned my Priest

  • First match was his Warlock Zoo vs my Tempo Rogue
  • I was ahead for most of the match.
  • He had to risk playing a Doomguard, and from it, he discarded Bloodreaver Gul’Dan--Writing was kind of on the wall at that point
  • He brought his Aggro Druid after that and swept against my Tempo Rogue, Jade Druid, and Murloc Paladin
  • Big bummer was that in that last matchup, he had Hungry Crab in his opening hand. That game was unfortunately decided early from that draw.
  • I learned from this that Murloc Paladin is a fairly decent matchup against Aggro Druid. I should’ve queued that before my own Druid.
  • His draws were just really good, and I struggled to keep up with him.


ESOGlokta - HCT Summer Americas Finalist, F2P player, this was his first Dreamhack, later played JustSaiyan on stream and lost (ended DH at 6-3)

He brought Druid, Priest, Shaman, and Rogue

I banned his Rogue, he banned my Druid

  • He started with his Jade Druid and crushed my Tempo Rogue and Razakus Priest. He drew all his ramp, and I realized that I wasn’t thinking about how to beat Jade Druid, I was only thinking about what my deck wanted to do. I also wasn’t drawing what I needed for the Priest game.
  • I brought it back with Murloc Paladin beating his Jade Druid and Token Shaman.
  • It all came down to his Razakus Priest against my Murloc Paladin
    • This match came to a really tough decision. I had an Ashbringer in hand, he had Lyra at 3/10. I had him down to 6 health and had 5 minions on board. I thought I could close it out the next turn if I just got aggressive and hoped that he just wouldn’t draw too many cards off Lyra. He ended up getting 20 cards or so off her. I really should’ve stopped that Lyra and then tried to establish myself for the win.


Insom - Top 4 at Dreamhack Montreal (ended DH at 6-3)

He brought Paladin, Druid, Mage, and Warlock

I banned his Warlock, he banned my Rogue

  • His Big Druid beat my Jade Druid right off the top
  • I finally learned to queue Murloc Paladin and beat him quickly :)
  • He came back with a Corpsetaker/Stormwatcher Murloc Paladin that swept my Paladin and Priest.
  • I remember feeling pretty fatigued since this was match 6 of the day and pretty late. I feel like I could’ve played this one better and certainly wasn’t thinking much about this kind of deck being in play at the tournament. Those Corpsetakers are brutal if you don’t have a way to stop them. Along with building an army of Murlocs, it’s definitely a strong deck.

Tsukaime’s Tricks and Treats

  • Life is a resource, not every minion has to be removed right away.
  • Take your time to decide what to do, you have 70 seconds per turn for a reason!
  • Always count how much damage you have for each turn, a lot of times you can setup lethal earlier to reduce the chances of a comeback.



Card of the Week

Spirit Lash



You are The Happy Hearthstone

  • This podcast exists for you and is sustained by you! There are SO many great ways to support what we’re doing, and I want to ask you if this is one of your favorites, or you listen every episode to consider how you can support the show.
  • One of the biggest ways right now is to jump on our Patreon! Starting at just $1/month, you can help support the show and allow us to do even more! There are some cool, exclusive rewards too like shoutouts, early access to episodes, Hearthstone coaching sessions, and more! And I’ve added in some goals that as we all chip in will allow the show to grow in ways you guys have been asking about for a LONG time INCLUDING weekly episodes! So please go check it out and consider how you can be a part of what we’re doing.
  • You can also leave a review on iTunes, which helps us a lot when people are looking for a Hearthstone podcast! Only takes a few minutes, and if you need help with it, just let me know.



As always, we’d love to know what you thought of the show and what you’d like to see added to the show for future episodes.


Guest Plugs

Question to the audience -> What is your favorite deck of all time? Let us know on twitter!

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Renewing the Newness - Episode 92

May 16th, 2017 · Comments


News Chat

  • Hearthstone is celebrating 70 million unique players by giving everyone 3 free packs! All you need to do is login to your account, and you’ll be awarded those packs.

    • A lot of people are reporting a high level of rarity in these packs, so you definitely want to grab em! :)

      • I got Ozruk, golden Primalfin Champion, and another epic!
  • It seems to be the month of the Wild in Hearthstone!
    • Makes sense, the shiny new paint of Un’Goro has faded a bit, and it seems like a great time to start rolling out “Hey don’t forget about Wild, too” initiatives
    • We just had Heroic Tavern Brawl Wild style, and that was a lot of fun to watch. I didn’t participate, but did you, Mark?
    • Also, the top 64 ranks in legend in Wild will qualify for a special Wild tournament that Blizzard is hosting. Those are all the details we have, but if you see the pros playing Wild, that’s probably why.
  • Heroes cardback rules have changed
    • If you don’t pay attention to Heroes of the Storm, they just had a massive overhaul in just about every area of the game. And even if you’re not sure if you’ll ever play it, it’s worth downloading and jumping on briefly because they’re giving away 20 heroes to every player. Which is a TON of value.
    • But the pretty Heroes cardback now requires you to get your level to 15 which means that you’ll have to gain 15 levels across all your different heroes. It sounds a little intimidating, but really isn’t that bad. And you could play all your matches against AI opponents if you want.
    • Definitely worth checking out!


Topic - The New Player Experience

2 Months

  • Before Mammoth
  • After Mammoth

Favorite Classes

Tricky Things

Ideas for the Future




No questions this week! Email us at to be featured in the next episode!


iTunes Review

None :( Go check out our page and leave a quick review to let others know that you like the show!

Card of the Week

Servant of Kalimos


Guest Plugs


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BlizzCon 2016 World of Podcasts Panel - Episode 82

November 9th, 2016 · Comments



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BlizzCon 2016 Day 1 Recap - Episode 81

November 4th, 2016 · Comments



  • A mysterious man dressed in all green is on the show this week!
  • Topic: Everything that happened on the first day of BlizzCon!
  • Listen to the episode for more info! I’m tired and would like to post this now.

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BlizzCon 2016 Prediction Special - Episode 80.5

October 30th, 2016 · Comments



  • So many people are on the show this week!
  • Topic: Predicting what Blizzard will announce at BlizzCon this week!
  • Why are you reading this? The episode is like 15 minutes long, just go listen to it!

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The Best Livestreams and Podcasts - Episode 65

February 13th, 2016 · Comments



Why We Love Streams

  • Over-the-shoulder experience
  • Free teaching/coaching
  • Smaller streams read chat more often and provide insight into questions live as the game develops or as a deck may be built on stream.
  • Deck Doctor: Zalae and Firebat serving community with small tips to help players.

Livestreams for Getting Better at Arena

Livestreams for Getting Better at Ranked

Hearthstone Podcast Episodes

Why We Love Podcasts

Podcasts for Getting Better at Arena

Podcasts for Getting Better at Ranked

  • The Golden Wisp: For players interested in the very highest level of play, in both Ranked and tournaments.
  • Velen’s Chosen: For players on a budget that really want to get to be competitive in Ranked.
  • HearthCoach: For players who are eagerly trying to fight their way into Legend Ranked.

Hearthstone Podcast Quests

Podcasts for New Players

  • Hearthaholics: For players interested in learning the fundamentals of the game and gaining confidence one step at a time. As a perk, these are timeless episodes that can be used like an audiobook. Their website walks you through the order to listen.
  • Legend of the Innkeeper: For new and casual players who want to learn how to get better in a fun and enthusiastic environment. Everything from deckbuilding to beating the PVE Adventure content.
  • Happy Hearthstone: This is us! For players who want to find new decks to try, learn the basics of strategy, and hear from new hosts from the community every episode to share different perspectives and expertise.

Podcasts for News and Esports

  • The Angry Chicken: For players looking for an extremely polished and well-made show with entertaining hosts that covers all the news in the Hearthstone scene.
  • Well Met!: For players who like strategy mixed in with their news. This show covers a lot of topics to make sure you’re keeping up with everything from casual play to pro tournaments.
  • Value Town: For players who want to hear from pro players and high-profile streamers directly. They do Q&As regularly, and focus on the higher-level of play.
  • Coin Concede: For players who like a broad range of topics, Coin Concede tries to cover everything from PVE to high-level pro play. Great coverage of the esports scene.
  • Top Deck Kings: For players who like spontaneity and personality mixed in with their news discussion and meta analysis. They’ve played Hearthstone matches with commentary during the show, and even devoted an entire recent episode about the Super Bowl.
  • 1600 Dust: For players who like a lot of strategy mixed in with their news. Their recent campaign for #KnowYourRole2016 is breaking down specific game elements in each episode. Hosts are entertaining and keep it fun.
  • Hero Power: For players who like hands-on learning alongside their news. The entertaining hosts host two segments a week, one is audio and focuses on news and deckbuilding. The other is a live play segment, where they play an entire match with a different class, walking you through the thought process and helping you get better at it. Both the audio and video content can be found on their site.

Podcasts for Casual Discussion

All of these shoes have great discussions, focused on being entertaining and building a community instead of the academic analysis and walkthrough strategy guides that other shows sometimes offer. They’re all great, so we recommend you try all of these out and find the personalities and style that work best for you!

Hearthstone Podcast Reviews

Podcasts to Find other Podcasts (Podcast-ception!)

  • Realm Maintenance: Rho schedules guests on his show for WoW, Starcraft, Heroes, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Diablo every week.

Ways to Support Your Favorite Podcasts and Streams

  • Leave them 5-star iTunes reviews
  • Support them financially (Patreon, Paypal, etc.)
  • E-mail the shows for topics, ways to help, or questions
  • Listen to the show all the way through
  • Follow them on Twitter (#1 social media used by Hearthstone people)
  • Talk about and share the show with friends!


  • Question: Best way to keep up with the meta on limited time?
  • iTunes Reviews


  • None

Card of the Week

Hearthstone Azure Drake


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BlizzCon is the Best - Episode 60

November 9th, 2015 · Comments



  • Nik is on the show this week
  • Topic: BlizzCon
  • Reasons to be happy

Hearthstone Reveals

  • League of Explorers
  • New cards
  • Hands-on
  • Story + characters

Hearthstone Dev Interview

Hearthstone Tournament

  • What decks they used
  • How they played

Hearthstone BlizzCon Band

Hearthstone on the Show Floor

  • The Hearthstone tavern
  • Battle the devs
  • Making friends

BlizzCon Impressions

  • Nik’s first BlizzCon
  • Josh’s favorite BlizzCon
  • Other Blizzard Games

Cards to Discuss

Hearthstone BlizzCon Tavern


  • Question: What is the best card you saw from the new set?
  • iTunes Review: From the Hearthstone tavern!


  • Mikkel Weider – $2/month

Card of the Week

Hearthstone Explorers Hat


  • Contact Nik on Twitter or add him on Shipwrecked#1869.
  • What you want to see in future episodes
  • What hosts you want to visit the show

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