Dream On (Dreamhack Denver Recap, Pt. 1) - Episode 102

October 31, 2017

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News Chat

  • Hallow’s End has taken over Hearthstone! (More info here)

    • For the 2 weeks of this event, they’ve made arena very different by offering Dual Classes
    • You’ll first choose a hero portrait, then you’ll choose from 3 hero powers from other classes
    • As you’re drafting your deck, you’ll have neutral options as usual, but class cards will be offered from the classes of your portrait and your hero power!
    • Discussion
    • First week is over, but if you login between Oct 31 and Nov 6, you’ll get a free Arena run AND two free Frozen Throne packs.
  • Blizzcon is THIS WEEK, which means that we’ll very soon know what the last expansion for the year is.
    • The four team names are…

      • Grimestreet Grifters - Mean Streets
      • Jungle Giants - Un’Goro
      • Chillblade Crusaders - Frozen Throne
      • Big-Time Buccaneers - ????
    • Blizzcon Virtual Ticket we mentioned last time -- They’ve revealed what the Golden Legendary is -- Marion the Fox. And he’s definitely a pirate
    • They also announced a tournament called The Inn-vitational. Very similar to Oktoberbrawl, where they’re bringing together some big Hearthstone personalities for a lighthearted, fun competition.
    • It looks like pirate/Booty Bay/treasure is what’s coming our way
    • Friday 1:45 PST


Main Topic


Dreamhack Denver Grand Prix Recap:

Let’s first talk about the highlights that don’t involve me:

  • MTGKid - 12 years old - NEVER judge your opponent at any point through the match
  • Ike - Never lost a match. It is possible to play flawlessly and be rewarded for it.
  • All the other pros - It’s possible to get shaken, thrown, or choose poorly. I’m so glad I’m not a pro player.


As for me…. :D

  • The way the Grand Prix goes is that it’s 9 rounds where each round you’re matched up against someone with the same record as you
  • After those 9 rounds, they take the top 16 players, and put them in a single elimination bracket.
  • I ended up going 6 and 3, putting me 1 win away from making it into the top 16. And I’ll talk about these losses later, but I’m really proud of where I got overall.
  • The matches were played Last Hero Standing format, which is different from the typically Conquest format. In LHS, when you lose with a deck, you cannot use that deck any more in that match. It lends itself to making you want to play decks that really snowball and win a lot of different matchups. You brought 4 decks, and in each matchup, your opponent would choose 1 of your classes to ban, usually not knowing the exact decklists that you brought.
  • So I decided to bring 3 decks that are really good (Tempo Rogue, Razakus Priest, and Jade Druid), and a 4th that I know really well which counters Druid (Murloc Paladin). The strategy was to ban Rogue because that deck has a very high winrate against most decks.
  • My 3 losses were to some names that most of you don’t know (I didn’t know them going into the weekend), but they are quite accomplished. My first two matches were to Squid and ESOGlokta -- both qualified for the summer championship of HCT. Crazy. Nicest thing I heard all weekend was Glokta at the end of our 3-2 match saying, “I was really hoping this match was going to be easier than that.” The third loss was to a guy named Insom who was in the top 4 of Dreamhack Montreal. Yeah. Pretty good.
    • But I was crazy encouraged, because none of these were runover matches. I won a game against Squid then got rolled by his Aggro Druid deck (really smart choice). And the games with Glokta and Insom went all the way down to the 5th game. And I know I made some mistakes in each of those matches, so had I been better prepared, I think I could’ve even done better.
    • Definitely was encouraged to hold my own against each of them, and learned a ton from each match. All 3 guys were really nice and eager to talk through the match and help me think through how I could’ve played better.



Squid - HCT Summer Americas Finalist, full time college student (ended DH at 6-3)

He brought Druid, Priest, Rogue, and Warlock

I banned his Rogue, he banned my Priest

  • First match was his Warlock Zoo vs my Tempo Rogue
  • I was ahead for most of the match.
  • He had to risk playing a Doomguard, and from it, he discarded Bloodreaver Gul’Dan--Writing was kind of on the wall at that point
  • He brought his Aggro Druid after that and swept against my Tempo Rogue, Jade Druid, and Murloc Paladin
  • Big bummer was that in that last matchup, he had Hungry Crab in his opening hand. That game was unfortunately decided early from that draw.
  • I learned from this that Murloc Paladin is a fairly decent matchup against Aggro Druid. I should’ve queued that before my own Druid.
  • His draws were just really good, and I struggled to keep up with him.


ESOGlokta - HCT Summer Americas Finalist, F2P player, this was his first Dreamhack, later played JustSaiyan on stream and lost (ended DH at 6-3)

He brought Druid, Priest, Shaman, and Rogue

I banned his Rogue, he banned my Druid

  • He started with his Jade Druid and crushed my Tempo Rogue and Razakus Priest. He drew all his ramp, and I realized that I wasn’t thinking about how to beat Jade Druid, I was only thinking about what my deck wanted to do. I also wasn’t drawing what I needed for the Priest game.
  • I brought it back with Murloc Paladin beating his Jade Druid and Token Shaman.
  • It all came down to his Razakus Priest against my Murloc Paladin
    • This match came to a really tough decision. I had an Ashbringer in hand, he had Lyra at 3/10. I had him down to 6 health and had 5 minions on board. I thought I could close it out the next turn if I just got aggressive and hoped that he just wouldn’t draw too many cards off Lyra. He ended up getting 20 cards or so off her. I really should’ve stopped that Lyra and then tried to establish myself for the win.


Insom - Top 4 at Dreamhack Montreal (ended DH at 6-3)

He brought Paladin, Druid, Mage, and Warlock

I banned his Warlock, he banned my Rogue

  • His Big Druid beat my Jade Druid right off the top
  • I finally learned to queue Murloc Paladin and beat him quickly :)
  • He came back with a Corpsetaker/Stormwatcher Murloc Paladin that swept my Paladin and Priest.
  • I remember feeling pretty fatigued since this was match 6 of the day and pretty late. I feel like I could’ve played this one better and certainly wasn’t thinking much about this kind of deck being in play at the tournament. Those Corpsetakers are brutal if you don’t have a way to stop them. Along with building an army of Murlocs, it’s definitely a strong deck.

Tsukaime’s Tricks and Treats

  • Life is a resource, not every minion has to be removed right away.
  • Take your time to decide what to do, you have 70 seconds per turn for a reason!
  • Always count how much damage you have for each turn, a lot of times you can setup lethal earlier to reduce the chances of a comeback.



Card of the Week

Spirit Lash



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Guest Plugs

Question to the audience -> What is your favorite deck of all time? Let us know on twitter!

Technically Speaking - Episode 101

October 17, 2017

You've heard about them. You've crafted them. You've thrown one or several into your deck at a time. But what the heck is up with tech cards? Scott (StrayDogHS) joins us on episode 101 to talk all about tech cards: What they are, how to determine if you need them or not, and... Oh THAT's what a tech card is. Now this game makes a whole lot more sense. :)

News Chat

  • Summer Hearthstone Championship just closed up shop! Hope you picked a good winner to get max packs. :D

    • Mad respect to Surrender! Orange, Purple, and JasonZhou also qualified
  • Blizzcon Digital Ticket goodies have been announced! $40, full access to all panels/announcements/Muse concert at end. Hearthstone goodie is a mysterious golden legendary
    • Could be promotional like ETC
    • Could be something for the new set! (Since that will be announced at Blizzcon)
    • (Nov 3rd, 1:45pm PST is the announcement)
  • Nemsy Necrofizzle! The Gnome Warlock is the latest alternate hero, and this one is going to make you get out into the sun. NOOOOOO!! Go to a Fireside Gathering, and you'll have your very own Nemsy portrait! Go to http://firesidegatherings.com to find one near you!

Main Topic

What is a Tech card?

            Does something specific narrow target

            No target no value

            High cost – takes up a slot, dilutes deck, Requires the target.

            Reactive in nature

Andrew, agree? Thoughts?

What do you think about cards like Harrison J? good stats

How about Loatheb or kabla song stealer?


Silence – Ironbeak Owl (talk about why it was nerfed), Spellbreaker, Kabal Songstealer… What about Wailing Souls??

Minion removal - Golakka Crawler, Hungry Crab

Weapon removal - Acidic Swamp Ooze, Toxic Sewer Ooze, Harrison Jones

Secret removal – Flare, Kezan Mystic, Eater of Secrets

card removal -  Hemet, Gnomefuratu, skulking Giest, Death Grip. Fel Reaver,

Do you think it's lazy from a design perspective?

Do you remember

much about the earlier tech cards?

Any other thoughts?

Andrew what is your Favorite card from the frozen thrones release?



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iTunes Review

Name As Described

by Bemak2753 from USA on October 5, 2017

Stopper listening to one of the other HS podcast because they are kind of salty and negative, this one definitely lived up to its name and I really enjoyed the happy and positive feedback from Andrew


by Spinalrabbit from USA on September 11, 2017

Finally, a Hearthstone podcast that talks about...Heartstone. Andrew spends most of the his podcast talking about cards, decks, the meta, etc...you know, things you want to hear about in a Hearthstone podcast. Well done sir!


Card of the Week

The Black Knight!



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A Centennial Celebration! With Yong Woo and Josh Augustine - Episode 100

October 3, 2017

The longest running Hearthstone podcast has finally crossed over into triple digits! And we wanted to do this in style with some great interviews and a massive giveaway! Listen in for Lead Game Producer of Hearthstone Yong Woo and the Happy Hearthstone’s Founder Josh Augustine for stories, lessons learned, and a lot of fun. 



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