Technically Speaking - Episode 101

October 17, 2017

You've heard about them. You've crafted them. You've thrown one or several into your deck at a time. But what the heck is up with tech cards? Scott (StrayDogHS) joins us on episode 101 to talk all about tech cards: What they are, how to determine if you need them or not, and... Oh THAT's what a tech card is. Now this game makes a whole lot more sense. :)

News Chat

  • Summer Hearthstone Championship just closed up shop! Hope you picked a good winner to get max packs. :D

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Main Topic

What is a Tech card?

            Does something specific narrow target

            No target no value

            High cost – takes up a slot, dilutes deck, Requires the target.

            Reactive in nature

Andrew, agree? Thoughts?

What do you think about cards like Harrison J? good stats

How about Loatheb or kabla song stealer?


Silence – Ironbeak Owl (talk about why it was nerfed), Spellbreaker, Kabal Songstealer… What about Wailing Souls??

Minion removal - Golakka Crawler, Hungry Crab

Weapon removal - Acidic Swamp Ooze, Toxic Sewer Ooze, Harrison Jones

Secret removal – Flare, Kezan Mystic, Eater of Secrets

card removal -  Hemet, Gnomefuratu, skulking Giest, Death Grip. Fel Reaver,

Do you think it's lazy from a design perspective?

Do you remember

much about the earlier tech cards?

Any other thoughts?

Andrew what is your Favorite card from the frozen thrones release?



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iTunes Review

Name As Described

by Bemak2753 from USA on October 5, 2017

Stopper listening to one of the other HS podcast because they are kind of salty and negative, this one definitely lived up to its name and I really enjoyed the happy and positive feedback from Andrew


by Spinalrabbit from USA on September 11, 2017

Finally, a Hearthstone podcast that talks about...Heartstone. Andrew spends most of the his podcast talking about cards, decks, the meta, know, things you want to hear about in a Hearthstone podcast. Well done sir!


Card of the Week

The Black Knight!



You are The Happy Hearthstone


  • A big change has come in our host site MMO Reporter deciding to close up shop. Chris and his team over there have been phenomenal, and I’ve decided to release a small update for you guys outside of this episode so that I can fill you in on everything going down. The great news is The Happy Hearthstone will continue, and we’ll actually have some opportunities that we haven’t had before, so stay tuned to my Twitter feed or our Google+ community for that update coming soon.


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