I’m Dreaming of a Hacked Denver (Dreamhack Denver Recap, Pt. 2) - Episode 103

November 14, 2017

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News Chat

  • Kobolds & Catacombs set comes out in December.

    • More reveals on November 20
    • Gather Your Party - Warrior rare spell: 6 cost, Recruit a minion
    • Dragon Soul - Legendary Priest weapon: 0 attack, 3 durability: After you cast 3 spells in a turn, summon a 5/5 Dragon
    • Marin the Fox has been added to everyone's collection
    • Everyone with a Virtual Ticket gets a golden copy as well.
    • 14 new cards have been revealed out of the 135.
    • New keyword: Recruit. Pull a minion out of your deck and into the battlefield.
    • All nine classes will be getting a Legendary weapons. All players get one free at launch.
    • The set is available to preorder at 50 packs for $49.99 in the US and comes with the For the Hoard cardback.7
  • New single-player mode call The Dungeon Run where you'll defeat bosses, collect loot, and earn rewards.
    • Each boss you defeat, you'll earn new cards for that deck’s run. Lose and you'll have to throw your deck away and start over.
    • Brode says it's the most replayable single-player content they've ever released. 48 unique bosses
    • It’s completely free! You don’t even need any cards to play it!


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Main Topic

Dreamhack Denver Survival Guide:

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you ever plan on going to an event like this, especially a Dreamhack, remember to go back and listen to this episode the month before or the week of. I made this mistake with the Hero Power guys breaking down Dreamhack Atlanta.
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. You will not be able to do everything. There’s just no way. So think through, “What are the things I would be really sad to miss out on?”
    • Hearthstone tournament took all of Friday night and Saturday until early afternoon. Side event then took the rest of that night and Sunday morning. Pick your battles
    • Lots of fun to watch the matches live with all the fans and a lot of pros there.
  • Hearthstone Area Tips
  • Check if there’s wifi. Surprisingly, there wasn’t.
  • Watch out for swag and giveaways! They’re sneaky sometimes. Monster is amazing
  • Board games, card games, arcade, VR… Even a BYOC for people who didn’t BYOC
  • Bring snacks… Or full meals.


Is Coaching and playing with other players useful? Does it speed up development?




None this week.


iTunes Review

None this week


The Dust Bowl is Back!

Andrew’s to keep: Golden Grim Necromancer

DM’s to keep: Golden Bearshark

Andrew’s to dust: Blackguard

DM’s to dust: ALL the Scalebanes

Congrats to Navillus for winning this month's Patreon Dust Bowl Giveaway!


Card of the Week


Ice Block



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